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Vaser Training

Vaser Training

General Information

Why does Vaser® liposuction require such specialized training?

Technology has crept into virtually every aspect of our daily lives, making everyday tasks easier than they were in the past, and making what was previously impossible, possible. However, much of the technology we own and use, we use only to a fraction of its capabilities.
Vaser® is the gold standard in liposuction technology, but with its various tools and different energy levels there is much to learn. Only when surgeons fully understand the technology, will they fully reap its benefits.
People come in all shapes and sizes, thus the body sculpting surgeon must be aware of all body types, and possess an excellent knowledge of the anatomies of superficial fat, muscle, and bone. With an understanding of the technology and practical “hands on” experience, combined with sound anatomical knowledge, surgeons can achieve perfect results, giving patients the bodies they desire.

What does this course offer?

Obviously all plastic surgeons are familiar with liposuction techniques, but Hi-Definition Liposculture is a very different discipline. This course is aimed at surgeons of all levels, covering everything from the most basic techniques to the most advanced. On this course you will rapidly gain the necessary skills to achieve dramatic results, results that will in turn, result in more patients.

You will learn
• The anatomy of superficial fat, deep fat, muscle, and bone, and their relationships to each other
• How to examine and mark patients prior to surgery
• Fat grafting to enhance pectoral and deltoid muscles, in men.
• Breast and gluteal fat grafting for women
• Post operative care of patients
• How to deal with any complications that might occur

In addition to further developing your anatomical knowledge, and gaining valuable practical Vaser® Liposculpture experience, you will also learn how to view the human form with an eye for what it can be; the ‘V’ shaped male and the ‘S’ shaped female.

Having completed the course, and having spent the time to hone your skills, you will no doubt change you’re your job title to ‘Body Sculptor’.


  • Dear Dr Kandulu

    Thank you for this very efficient introduction in your art of Vaser!

    I was fortunate enough to take part at the first day and got a very clear image of the technique, the principle of the machine and the differences with the old US lipo machines. Presentation was well organised and clear, did not get into details that have been treated later in the day (drawings, actual machine and it’s commands) but vent in a very dynamic way just to the point for participants that had a bit of experience (be it, not always very successful). We were all eager to try the machine and excited about the new horizons you were opening to us.

    And as a matter of fact the second part of the day pretty much answered the questions we still had: application of the theoretical principles, design of the procedure, anatomical landmarks and user manual for the machine. Even better we got to see you work on 2 patients, ask questions and get immediate answers with “experience based arguments”. That was very relevant to me.
    Last day of the course was a continuation of my first day immersion: following the same principles: watch a master, try to understand and copy, take back home and apply! Each of us got the chance to try under supervision, understand the difficulties and take home the desire to push the limits and perfect one’s own technique.

    In my opinion it was a well organised course that got us all sufficient immersion as to be respectful of the dangers, understand the benefits and admire the capabilities of the technique
    Thank you for this course Dr Kandulu.I would highly recommend one of your courses to plastic surgeons that have the option of using a Vaser.

    Laurentiu E Blaga MD, Ph D., FMH

  • Congratulation for this Vaser course, mainly our colleague Dr Huseyin Kandulu our instructor hard work, who showed us, in Emirates Hospital Dubai how to use the Vaser machine and the liposuction technique with high definition.

    I would like to thank very much for the doctor Dr Huseyin Kandulu, his kindness and willingness to share his knowledge, to explain all important informations concerning the Vaser energy and new ideas with liposuction and high definition.

    It was very hard work from him, to show the technique operating a lot of patients and explain in the meantime. We could ask him any time and he was answering exactly all the questions.

    He showed us not only the surgeries, but explained the postoperative protocols, treatments, all the necessary informations, which are useful after our treatments.

    Not only his lecture, explanation, surgeries performed in front of us, but his pen drive are very useful and great help for us, plastic surgeons to learn this technique and try to do our best in order to achieve the best results in our Hospital.

    Thank you very much!

    Dr. Annamaria Kovacs

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